Provision of Shareholders
Under Cyprus Law, every company limited by shares must have at least one shareholder. Even though Cyprus law does not allow the issuance of bearer shares, it is possible to obtain absolute secrecy to the identity of beneficial owners through our nominee shareholders (either individuals or companies).
Provision of Secretary and Registered Office

Every Cyprus company must have a secretary who is responsible for maintaining the company’s statutory registers and records, filing of annual returns with the Registrar of Companies and recording of board resolutions.

A registered office is also mandatory for a Cyprus company. Our office can assist clients in providing clients with local registered address.

Provision of Directors
Korelis & Co. LLC provides directorships to assist clients in obtaining Cyprus corporate tax residence status, which enables access to Cyprus attractive tax regime and network of double tax authorities.
Escrow Services
We can act as the escrow agent in transactions, making sure that funds and documents change hands at the appropriate point of time, thereby eliminating client’s risks and protecting their interests.
Opening of bank account and provision of Bank Signatories

Our office maintains close working relationships with all local banks and with some prominent banks abroad. We therefore offer a wide range of bank accounts services both to companies’ (local and foreign) as well as to individuals. Our bank account services include:

  • Opening bank accounts with local and international banks;
  • Processing and executing banking instructions;
  • Providing bank signatories.
Trusteeships for Cyprus Trusts
Apart from drafting of Cyprus and International trusts, our office can act as a trustee.
Work with us
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